About our Grading Prices

Our prices are style dependent and based upon the number of pieces in the style.

We are competitively priced, our prices for digital grading 1- 5 pieces start from £15.25 for blouses, and £17.50 for dresses per size (please feel free to contact us for a full price list ) .

Our smallest category starts as follows:

  • Blouses, Skirts, Tops, Trousers and Shirts from £15.25 (per size)
  • Dresses and Jackets from £17.50 (per size)
  • Children’s Additional supplement of £1.00 per size applied to the adults price list.
  • Coats from £19.00 (per size)

*(please note there is a 3 size minimum)

Note: All prices are excluding VAT